Counseling for adults and young people (aged 11 and over).

Counseling can enable you to find a way forward that makes sense to you, by offering support and understanding, new ways of approaching difficulties and by helping you to locate strengths and resources

I'm experienced in working with a variety of issues including: depression and anxiety, stress, anger, bullying, abuse and trauma, eating disorders, addictions, bereavement, relationship difficulties, low confidence and self-esteem. Counselling can also help with decision -making, personal development and growth.

Supervision and consultancy

Supervision provides support and opportunities for learning whereby both supervisor and supervisee can work collaboratively to ensure good practice, in service of the client. I offer clinical supervision and consultancy to both individuals and groups.  

Executive Coaching

The purpose of executive coaching is to help an individual to improve their performance in their occupational capacity.

Research indicates that executive coaching can positively impact on an individual’s performance, skills, wellbeing, coping and work attitudes (Theeboom et al , 2014)

Executive coaching can help individuals to clarify their values and goals, understand the change process and its implications for their organization as well as for their personal lives. It encourages clients to identify the assumptions and beliefs which are unhelpful in the pursuit of success and to establish new, more adaptive beliefs and strategies, improve their working relationships and have a clearer understanding of their role and responsibilities.

Life Coaching

Life coaching explores what you need to be the self you want to be in all aspects of your life. It can help you to: identify your goals, values, and assumptions, increase your motivation and enable you to recognize those factors which help and hinder you to enjoy feelings of satisfaction and well being.

Among other factors, life coaching can increase self -awareness, and confidence, help to establish an optimal life balance and explore how best to establish and maintain satisfactory relationships.